Satin  Lined Adjustable Shower Bonnet

Satin Lined Adjustable Shower Bonnet

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Look NO further! We solved the " wet hair issue". Aren't  you tired of getting out the shower and your hair is wet or your bonnet is drenched in water ?  Look no further we have made your daily experience in the shower much easier. With Melly J Formula's handcrafted  Satin Lined Adjustable Shower Bonnet you don't have to worry about your hair getting wet anymore. This Shower Bonnet is reuse-able so all you have to do is wipe the outside off after using it and hang it up.  


Satin Lined to support healthy hair reducing friction and leaving you hair hydrated and to stopping hair breakage.

Adjustable Includes drawstring allowing for a comfortable fit around the head and versatile hairstyles.

                                        Suggest hand washing bonnet and spot clean when                necessary